“This Too Shall Pass” Breastfeeding Jumper

$84.99 AUD
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This Breastfeeding Jumper is the same style as our 5 star ‘Actually. I. CAN’ in this gorgeous blue.


  • The soft material. Lined with a super snuggly fleece that’s 95% cotton and 5% spandex, the jumper is comfortable and warm.
  • The stretch and length. The jumper will comfortably fit over a growing baby bump without baring any skin.
  • The invisible zips. On either side of the bust, the invisible twin zips make breastfeeding a breeze.
  • The scooped hem. It follows the curves of your body for the perfect fit.
  • The slimline sleeves that flatter and give a more feminine look.


Over having to take all your layers off at feeding time? We’ve got you, mamma! Our This too shall Pass Breastfeeding Jumper takes all the hassle out of nursing. A stylish alternative to a casual breastfeeding hoodie, this jumper is as functional as it is pretty. The handy, twin vertical zips on the bust allow easy access to your nursing top and bra underneath, while the soft, fleecy lining keeps you warm during feeding time.

Throw the This Too Shall Pass. Breastfeeding Jumper on for your warm-up or post-workout cool-down (pair it with our Full-Length Pregnancy & Postpartum Tights w/Mesh Panel); or, take it into the weekend with your favourite pair of jeans and sneakers.


    Fleece 95% cotton  5% spandex 

     The model is wearing a size: M.

    The jumper is available in sizes: S to XXL.

    Customer Reviews

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    Caitlin Homicki

    Great quality comfortable jumper and great customer service. I let them know I had an issue (my own fault) and they offered to help, when they weren’t under any obligation. Would recommend!