As the owner of a physiotherapy company providing exercise classes to new and expectant Mums, I am a huge advocate for keeping fit and healthy during and after pregnancy, and aimed to practice what I preach when I got pregnant myself. I was also well aware, however, of how hard it was to find good quality activewear for pregnancy and breastfeeding. 
Soon after the birth of my first child, I discovered MummActiv and purchased one of the Sweetheart maternity bras. It was fantastic! After failing to find a bra previously that was appropriate for the activities I was doing (power walking, jogging and multiple pilates classes a week), this was a bra that was more supportive and comfortable than any I'd owned before. 
In my second pregnancy I discovered the MummActiv leggings that come up over the bump. I loved these, as I've never been a fan of maternity trousers or leggings that sit under the bump - with all my activities getting up and down off the floor, I'd find myself yanking them up constantly! The MummActiv leggings were a perfect mix of being tight enough to stay up and to give some biofeedback and support to my abdominal muscles, without being too tight to be uncomfortable. 
When the weather cools down, I look forward to being able to wear the leggings postnatally too, by folding them down and giving extra support to my lower tummy. 
Taryn Watson is the FitRight Physio Founder & Director. She is also a certified Women's Health & Continence Physiotherapist.  (Holds a Masters in Clinical Physio)