MUMMACTIV was born in 2016 after a difficult postnatal period with my second born. Exercise became my therapy after being admitted to a Mum and Bubs unit with PND and PNA. The logistics of breastfeeding and exercise meant I would have to exchange the nursing bra for a running crop to complete any active pursuit as the normal breastfeeding bra was not supportive enough. 

The search for stylish nursing activewear didn’t provide much and the seed was planted as I felt that Mums deserve to feel stylish no matter what stage they were at. Shortly after this period the pencil started to draw and the first designs were created- THE BLACK COLLECTION. After a self-taught crash course in business, MUMMACTIV was launched in October 2016.

Since launching we have clothes Pregnant and Nursing Mums all over the globe, have been featured in newspapers and fashion magazines, graced a few runways and is stocked all over Australia and in the UK and USA. 

The business gets balanced with my three beautiful kids (who are 20, 4 and my baby just turned one this week) and teaching 2 days a week. My mission has always been to help Mums and to educate how you can remain active in pregnancy and postpartum by educating and inspiring those around me in the MUMMACTIV community. The ACTIVE MUM REVOLUTION is a further endeavour to help showcase Mums all over the globe plus demonstrate how it is all possible. 

“She believed she could so she DID”