PREGNANCY LEGGINGS.....The Rest Just Ain’t Going To Cut Tt!

Investing in a pair of Pregnancy leggings is paramount to your comfort as you work on nurturing the growing bundle of joy inside. As the months go past you will slowly get more uncomfortable through your abdominal and lower back region. You need a pair of maternity leggings to support you for the whole 9 months.


A pregnant body is forever changing, so your usual gear isn’t going to go the distance. When your top no longer fits properly, you’re not really likely to head out for a nice walk with your belly exposed, right? The pregnancy leggings that we have designed offer a high-support waistband that offers panelling that helps spread the weight of your baby bump evenly over your lower body, which will help improve your posture, take pressure off the lower back and encourage more comfortable exercise. The waistband is designed to sit underneath the growing bump so that the seam rests underneath not providing constriction or irritation. 


Some woman experience the phenomenon of irritable uterus (also called “uterine irritability”) in pregnancy and is described as “non-labor inducing contractions that occur frequently, sometimes painfully, sometimes painlessly, without any real consistency or pattern.” Having a tight regular legging band that cuts through the abdomen area can cause undue pressure in this area. The leggings that we have designed allow growth and expansion due to a high quality fabric and no irritating seams through the pregnant bump region. The quality of fabric does mean that these leggings offer all of the support in the right areas and they do not stretch out of shape.


So there is no question as to why to buy a pair of maternity leggings comparative to wearing your normal high waisted regular ones…

May 16, 2019 — Joanne Shepherd

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