1) How has your training changed since falling pregnant/having kids?

It can be very unpredictable- unfortunately you do not know what sleep you will be getting, or you babies maybe ill or clingy. The actual training is also different- you can't just continue from where you left off, however you CAN become stronger- physically and mentally! I am living proof as I am 4 months post pregnancy and have bounced back into a fit lifestyle. 

2) What is your active method of choice and how much do you train?

I enjoy circuits, strength training and pilates- I train 2-3 times in the gym per week and pilates and home workouts the remaining days- even if one day is just stretching! 

3) Have you had to change/adapt your diet due to breastfeeding or time constraints?

I have changed my diet as I love spicy food... I focus on eating a lot of vegetables and nutritional foods as I am breastfeeding.
Meals that are quick and easy are my go to including one of my favourite nutritional dishes- Tuna, sweet potato and spinach with a drizzle of lemon.

4) One piece of Active Mum advice to help other Mums? 

Never give up.... you will have interruptions because it's more than just our own life that we cater to. As long as you can always get yourself back on track - THAT is all that matters!
And DO NOT compare yourself to others! You are fabulous!

5) Why do you choose to be an Active Mum? (To stay fit?)

Being active makes me feel alive, it medicates me emotionally and allows me to spend some time on myself. The endorphins are well and truly worth it! Plus you need energy for your kids- they will definitely test how fit you are especially being a mummy to two boys!

6) Goal/Motivation at the moment? 

My goal is my holiday at the end of May- and to also see how physically strong I can actually get...(POSTPARTUM)